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Sonoma County kitchen design

At Kirk Remodeling, we specialize in quality installation for all types of kitchen countertops, from inexpensive laminate to imported marble slabs. Not only are countertops a practical necessity, they can also be a major visual focal point that helps to unify your kitchen’s design and décor. Your choice of countertops is a great way to express your individual design creativity, and you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of natural and man-made materials. We’ll work with you to select and install the perfect kitchen countertops for your lifestyle and your aesthetic tastes.

Choosing a Countertop Material

Our experienced staff can install quality countertops made from a wide range of beautiful, durable materials to suit any Sonoma County kitchen. Whether you prefer the cost-effectiveness and versatility of laminate, or the unrivalled natural beauty of marble or granite, we’ll work with you to help make your newly redesigned kitchen uniquely your own. Some of the most popular materials for new kitchen countertops include:

  • Marble is comparatively pricey, but for many homeowners, its beauty is well worth the cost. Marble countertops can lend any kitchen an air of traditional elegance.
  • Granite is another natural stone that’s a popular countertop material. It’s harder and more scratch-resistant than marble, and ranges in color and appearance from neutral greys to deep blue and green colors.
  • Soapstone is commonly used in professional laboratories because of its stain-resistant properties. It tends to be grayish or slightly greenish in color, and feels remarkably smooth to the touch.
  • Limestone is closely related to marble, and can often be similar in appearance. It tends to be light in color, often with a “sandy” appearance.
  • Engineered quartz is made from quartz chips, resin, and pigments, and is a visually versatile alternative to natural stone.
  • Metal countertops like zinc and stainless steel are popular with professional chefs, and are perfect for a sleek modern kitchen defined by clean lines and smooth surfaces.
  • Plastic laminate is a sturdy, low-cost material that comes in many colors and patterns. It can be used to imitate the appearance of pricier materials like natural stone.
  • Tile countertops are visually striking and highly versatile, creating an opportunity for interesting mosaic patterns. Tiled countertops are often made from glazed ceramic, but natural stone tile is another appealing option.
  • Wood butcherblock works well in Swedish kitchen design, or in rustic or country kitchens, lending an element of visual warmth.

Whatever your personal taste in interior design, we’ll work with you to perfectly integrate functionality and aesthetics to create a kitchen that’s both visually appealing, and a great space for cooking and entertaining.


Countertops, Cabinets, and More

Cabinets and countertops are two of the most important parts of any Sonoma County kitchen. They form visual focal points that unify a room’s aesthetic, as well as being practical necessities you could never do without. At Kirk Remodeling, we install all types of counters and cabinets, made from a wide variety of materials, to perfectly suit your newly redesigned kitchen. From luxurious marble countertops, to sleek frameless cabinets for a modern kitchen, our attention to detail and quality craftsmanship have helped to make us a local leader in kitchen remodeling and renovation. We’ll transform any kitchen into a unique expression of your individual personality and tastes, creating a space you’ll love spending time in.

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