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At Kirk Remodeling, we perform quality installation for kitchen cabinets of all shapes, sizes, and materials for your Sonoma County home. Cabinetry is one of the main fixtures of any modern kitchen. Not only does it provide much-needed storage space for your pots, pans, and utensils, but it forms one of the major aesthetic focal points that helps tie together your overall kitchen design. Kitchen cabinets can be made from a variety of beautiful woods, and come in several different styles. We’ll work with you to help you select and install the perfect cabinets for your newly remodeled kitchen.

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Kitchen cabinets come in several main styles, largely determined by the type and appearance of the doors and drawers.

  • Inset doors on cabinets are mounted by small hinges to the face frame. Generally, the hinges are visible when the doors are closed. Homes dating from the early 20th century are likely to have cabinetry in this style, so they’re a good choice if you’re aiming for period interiors for an older home
  • Partial overlay doors completely cover the opening of a door, although they leave parts of the frame visible.
  • Full overlay doors cover the frame and openings in the cabinets completely. The smooth, seamless look of full overlay cabinets is popular for sleek modern kitchen designs.


Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Kitchen cabinets are nearly always constructed from hardwood, although occasionally pine, a softwood, is also used. The type of wood that your cabinets are constructed from will impact their appearance, and different woods may work better depending on your colors scheme and design style.

  • Oak is a solid, heavy wood that’s popular for its durability and its attractive appearance. Both white oak and red oak are commonly used. Although to many people they look almost identical, the wood from these two species differs slightly in its grain and hardness.
  • Hickory is among the strongest woods available. Its natural appearance often incorporates streaks, which can be a visually striking feature to make your cabinets stand out.
  • Maple is a medium-to-hard wood that takes well to staining due to its light, uniform appearance. It’s a good choice if you want to use a dark stain to mimic the appearance of a more expensive wood like cherry or mahogany.
  • Birch, like maple, is smooth-grained and light in color, making it another good choice for staining.
  • Cherry is favored for the distinctive changes in color that it takes on with age.
  • Pine is generally less durable than hardwoods, but can also be less expensive. A heavily knotted pine wood can form a great aesthetic compliment for a kitchen with a rustic or log cabin décor theme.

Whichever wood you choose, you may also want to select a stain or even paint your cabinets in an attractive color. For a rustic or vintage look, you can also have them treated with finishes that create a distressed or aged appearance.

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