3 Ways To Solve Common Problems With A Good Bathroom Design

December 21, 2017 at 6:48 pm | Category: Remodeling

Sonoma County Bathroom DesignYour bathroom really gets lived in, so it should be well designed. When it is, your time there will be stress-relieving and enjoyable. A good bathroom design can solve all the problems that you currently find unpleasant. Maybe it’s a small master bath or a cramped guest bath that you are having a problem with.

The right remodeling design can completely change how you feel about your bathroom. Here are some ways that our Sonoma County design professionals at Kirk Remodeling solve 3 of the most common bathroom problems.

Opening Up & Breaking Up The Lines

The going trend in bathroom design is to add skylights or windows. This opening up of the space offers a modern bathroom design. In addition, the hard lines are erased with a larger two-person shower, by replacing a tub with a walk-in shower, and by properly placing the storage.

By breaking up the hard lines in the bathroom, it feels more open. Space can also often be borrowed by bumping out a closet or by moving walls. With a good design, the bathroom feels more open and attractive. Consider incorporating more glass in the way of windows or a skylight and streamline the design.

Fooling The Eye With Tile Design – Where Hard Lines Do Come In Handy

Bathroom tiles can literally go on any surface. They can be mixed and matched to create an amazing bathroom design. And, there are so many choices in texture, color, and shine. By using tile in different ways than just installing one style in one single color, you can trick the eye into thinking that the bathroom is larger.

On short walls, a horizontal line of accent tile on the floors or walls will make the length seem longer. Vertical lines of accent tile make the ceiling seem taller. Tile can also distract the eye from features that we don’t want to stand out by focusing on something special.

When choosing bathroom tile for remodeling, have fun and play a little. You can come up with a custom design that solves some annoying problems.

Solving The One Sink Dilemma

Two sinks can be more comfortable than a single vanity, especially in a master bathroom. But a double vanity with one long mirror is not very stylish. If there is any way you can incorporate two separate sinks into the design plan of a bathroom that serves two or more, do so.

The bathroom is a great place to design modern features. Think about a couple of bowl sinks resting on two built-in floating cabinets. This is a great design for smaller master baths. If you have space, you can incorporate two custom cabinets and countertops with undermount sinks and possibly even a makeup vanity.

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